1. How can we change the order of objects on a layer? Why is there a need to master this procedure?
We can change the order of an object simply by clicking arrange from menu bar and click order then choose any order you want. Order of object is important so that we can move the object in topmost or in back. We can also use forward one to move one step forward and backward one to move the object one step back.
2. In discussing and applying the different SHAPING OPERATIONS, do you agree that they are very important in creating more professional artwork? Why?
It is worth important because by means of shaping we can create an artistic objects and original objects like rectangle with an arc.
3. Why is there a need to include TEXT in our artwork? Cite some functions of text or type in graphic designing and advertising?

In text we can use ut as labels and any posters. Beacuse it makes are products be known well.